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            "Your puzzle book is a fun and amazing teaching tool
              for kids and adults. I'm enchanted by it." 

- Annette Freeman, NBC News Production/Dateline

Association of Black Educators of New York
 Black History Month Presentation (

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       All About Me
     What I See, What I Can Be


    Pre-Order  Your Copy Today!!!

 Children will have fun coloring pictures
 of notable African Americans while
 learning about the important (read more)
 contributions they've made to society.

  All new exciting word search puzzle
  book for youngsters and adults. Titles
  include Dressed For Success, Boys
  To Men
, Fear Factor, Comic Relief,
  Express Yourself, Dollars and Sense,
  Haters Anonymous, Minding Their
, Juvenile Injustice and
  much, much more . . . 
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   Fun! Exciting! Educational!

Have fun while learning little known
  facts about President Barack Obama,
  inventor Mark Dean, UniverSoul Circus,
  award-winning science fiction writer
  Octavia Butler, entrepreneur Lisa Price
  and other exciting topics . . .
 "Everyone should treat their children and themselves to your puzzle
  books. They don't just entertain, they educate, motivate, inspire.
  They remind us of the rich legacy we need to reclaim and resurrect."
- Perri Gaffney, Actor and Author            

In Search of Yourself - Buy now and Save BIG!!!
  • Black Statue of  Liberty  • The
  Art of War • Heal Thyself • All For
  Freedom • The Name Game •
  Out  of Africa • The Big Payback
  • Dance Fever • From the X-Files •
  Kings and Queens of Comedy •
  & much,  much more . . . !  

  More than a puzzle, Puzzles For Us is
  the exciting, one-of-a-kind crossword,
word search and Souknotu
  series that explore the rich cultural and
  historical legacy of African Americans.

The Crossword Connection

From David Walker to Madam C. J. Walker, from Chancellor Williams to Venus and Serena Williams, from Be-Bop to Hip-Hop, celebrate the African American cultural legacy with these entertaining, fun-filled puzzles that can be done all year long.

Each puzzle takes you on a fascinating journey into the world of Black culture and history that has, for the most part, been omitted from the pages of modern history.

Learn about the Black Statue of Liberty, meet the original Kings and Queens of comedy, or discover who was one of the first voices behind popular cartoon characters such as Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.

Designed to entertain, educate, enlighten and inform, each crossword and word search puzzle is laid out in an easy to follow style, with questions and clues ranging from the very easy to the more advanced.  

"This is a great way to enlighten our students about Black History."
 - Malinda Kinard, A. Philip Randolph H.S.







 Learn about the
 Meet Mr. Puzzles
 National Book
and how you
 can bring it to your
 area or receive a
 donation for your

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Celebrate Black History Month

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  WBLS Dr. Bob Lee with Puzzles For Us
 Founder Kevin Ikim Dunn on Bronxnet

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   Special Fundraising Opportunity
    The Legend of Nia Umoja

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Portraits of Success        
Inspiring Youngsters To Be Their Best

  What I See, What I Can Be project

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  Puzzler changes education one puzzle at a time. . . read article 


  Puzzles For Us at the UFT
Dial-A-Teacher Parent Conference


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