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with fun historical puzzle books from Puzzles For Us

In Search of Yourself




Enjoyed by folks everywhere, our award-winning puzzle books provide children and adults with a culturally-enriched learning experience that builds self-esteem, fosters critical thinking, and that increases their knowledge and appreciation of African American history.

Piecing It Together


"Your books are a big hit in my store.
Everybody loves them."
- Dawn Harris-Martine, Grandma's Place, Harlem, NY


The Crossword Connection

"Everyone should treat their children and themselves to your puzzle books.
They don't just entertain, they educate, motivate, inspire. They remind us of the rich legacy we need to reclaim and resurrect."
                  - Perri Gaffney


Puzzles For Us Jr

"I really like your puzzle books, they are a masterpiece, and I use them regularly with my middle school students."
- David Summerville, Middle School Teacher

Filled with entertaining stories, fascinating facts, and a wealth of information relating to the African American experience, our fun educational puzzle books will definitely keep the children AND adults in your life creatively engaged and pleasantly informed.

All About Me



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