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"We are particularly interested in this series since it is both educational and fun. It also allows our students the opportunity to be involved in academics with a direct emphasis on their culture and heritage." - Tira Randall, former Bushwich High School Principal

Another of these flagship programs is the Life Lessons Personal & Professional Development Series, a 10-weeks program whose goal is to help middle and high school students successfully deal with the challenges of everyday life and to help them overcome potential barriers to learning.

Over the 10-weeks students get a chance to meet and dialog with community leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, and other successful professionals from various industries and backgrounds.

To learn more about the Meet Mr. Puzzles National Book Tour and how to bring it to your area or organization, give us a call at 718-538-6102.

Puzzles For Us is the award-winning cultural "edutainment" series that connects people and communities to information and resources that enriches and transforms lives in meaningful ways.

Meet Mr. Puzzles National Book Tour

Welcome to the Meet Mr. Puzzles National Book Tour home page. We're delighted to share with you information about our exciting new fundraising tour that launches in August 2017.

Understanding the challenges that many organizations often face because of a lack of funds, the Meet Mr. Puzzles National Book Tour was formulated to provide financial support for youth-based educational programs in urban areas.

One such program currently operating in the New York area is the Junior Journalist Self-Publishing Literacy Program which is a 16-weeks series that is designed to teach elementary and middle school students the fundamentals of book publishing and basic writing skills.

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Ultimately, the Life Lessons Series is intended to provide students with life-enhancing information that boost self-esteem, improve language arts skills, stimulate critical thinking, and that prepares them for personal, professional and academic success.




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