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Kevin Ikim Dunn, the Founder and CEO of Puzzles For Us, is a former Database Programmer and after-school youth counselor who launched the Puzzles For Us series after recognizing the dire need for culturally relevant educational material and resources that reflected the lives of people of color in a positive way.

A talented researcher, writer and organizer with an engaging communication style, Kevin Ikim Dunn -- known affectionately as "Mr. Puzzles" -- channels his life long passion of the Arts and for African American history into the driving force that is responsible for the growing popularity and success of his Puzzles For Us cultural "edutainment" series.

He has been featured on a number of radio and cable television shows, including the Steve Harvey Show on WBLS, and articles on him and his Puzzles For Us series have appeared in the New York Daily News, Bronx Magazine, Harlem News, Our Time Press, and the New York Amsterdam News.

In 2013, Kevin was commissioned by the Schomburg Center For Research in Black Culture to create a series of custom crossword and word search puzzles

Bronxnet with Dr. Bob Lee

WBLS Dr. Bob Lee with Puzzles For Us Founder Kevin Ikim Dunn on Bronxnet

commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation that was published in their education journal and distributed to public school students throughout the New York City area.

Kevin has also created custom puzzles for the Apollo Theater, The National Council of Negro Women, Harlem Opera Theater, and the American Civil Liberties Union’s Racial Justice Department. His latest projects are a children's coloring book and a puzzle book on financial literacy.

Puzzles For Us is the public brand name of Invision Publications, a provider of cultural "edutainment" products and services that connect people and communities to information and resources in a fun way.

Through our exciting line of innovative products which includes historical story-based puzzle books, custom puzzles, workshops, and other items, we spotlight the ongoing contributions of people of African descent to the global community in a colorful, engaging way.


Daily News: Bronx resident creates Afrocentric
puzzles to teach children about culture

Since 2010 we have been providing individuals, schools and organizations with our dynamic series of puzzle books, workshops and products using them as vehicles to increase literacy, build self-esteem, support personal development, promote community enrichment, spotlight contemporary issues, and to keep audiences informed about “who did what and who’s doing what” in African American and Latino communities.



Puzzler changes education one puzzle at a time

As providers of innovative learning resources, Puzzles For Us is committed to providing the communities and populations we serve with quality products and services that enrich lives, inspires creativity, and that connects people to information and resources in a fun, engaging and entertaining manner.

Our signature one-of-a-kind crossword and word search puzzle books can be purchased on our online store or at the various conferences, trade shows,events, and festivals that we exhibit at throughout the year.

They can also be obtained at various bookstores and locations around the country, including Amazon.com. Our other flagship product is our Life Lessons Workshops Series for children and adults that we facilitate for schools, agencies, and other organizations. Learn more about the series here.





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