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Personal Development Series

Bronx Museum Workshop


Our hands-on interactive workshops are designed to connect students and young adults to life-enhancing information in a fun way through activities that boost self-esteem, improve language arts skills, stimulate critical thinking, and that preps them for personal, professional and academic success.

Below is a listing of some of the workshops we offer. As a sole source provider of innovative educational resources to schools, businesses and organizations throughout the New York area, we are committed to providing the youngsters and communities we serve with the highest level of quality products and services.


Dressed For Success
Students explore how having the right outlook, mindset and attitude can determine outcomes, create favorable impressions, and have a positive impact on one’s life.

Express Yourself
Workshop focuses on the spoken and written word as forms of self-expression. Participants explore creative ways of using language to communicate more effectively and practice expressing themselves in front of an audience.

No Disrespect
Students take a close up look at bullying, eyeballing, ‘dissing’, and other behaviors that often times have negative consequences and discuss alternative methods for resolving conflict.

Bringing Your A Game
Workshop participants explore and develop strategies for formulating a winning game plan that will serve as their roadmap for achieving personal, professional and academic success. Topics include: Goal setting, mentorship, building your team, understanding the playing field.

You've Got The Power
This exciting workshop helps students to identify and tap into their own inner strengths and abilities while connecting them to various resources and tools that are available to assist them in forging successful lives and careers.

"We are particularly interested in this series since it is both educational and fun. It also allows our students the opportunity to be involved in academics with a direct emphasis on their culture and heritage." - Tira Randall, Bushwich High School Principal

Our Personal Development Life Lessons Workshops can be conducted during the day or in the evening. To schedule a Life Lessons Workshop for your school, business or organization, send your request to programdirector@puzzlesforus.com or call us at 718-538-6102.

Puzzles For Us | Invision Publications is a New York City Department of Education sole source provider of multicultural products and services that connect children and adults to information and resources in a fun way.

Junior Journalist Puzzle Book Club

Junior Journalist Publishing Series




Program Overview
The Junior Journalist Self Publishing Series is a 16-weeks program that's designed to teach elementary and middle school students the fundamentals of book publishing. Over the 16-weeks period students will learn how to create engaging story-based word search puzzles on a variety of subjects that will be organized into a booklet and published at the conclusion of the program.

Target Audience
The Junior Journalist Self Publishing Series is primarily designed for elementary and middle school students in grades 4 to 8, but can also be tailored for an older population including high school students and adults.

Students participating in the 16-weeks program will learn the basics of self-publishing which includes information on book layout and design, editing and proofreading, ISBN numbers, barcodes and QR codes, copyright registration, desktop publishing, and how to prepare their
completed project for printing by a commercial printer. Students will also learn basic strategies on how to market their book online and to the general public, and how to create themed-based word search puzzles.

At the completion of the series, students who finish the program will:
• know how to formulate and publish their own book;
• know some of the steps involved in becoming an entrepreneur and in launching a business venture;
• know how to create basic themed-based freeform word search puzzles
• have improved their writing, vocabulary, problem solving and critical thinking skills;
• better understand the process of how to bring their ideas to life;
• learn the value and importance of working collaboratively to achieve a desired goal;
• gain the satisfaction of seeing the stories they wrote and originated published in a book that they themselves designed and created;
• be awarded certificates acknowledging their successful completion of the program.

Youth Entrepreneur Business Series

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Program Overview
This 12-weeks program is designed to provide youngsters with basic money management skills and with an overview of how financial institutions such as banks and credit unions work. Over the 12-weeks youngsters learn how to create personal budgets, open savings and checking accounts, develop an investment portfolio, write a business plan, and launch a business venture.

Workshop participants will get an opportunity to meet and interact with successful professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs from various backgrounds. At the of end of the 12-weeks cycle, youngsters will receive certificates acknowledging their successful completion of the program.

For more information about the Youth Entrepreneur & Financial Literacy Workshop Series, call 718-538-6102 or email us at programdirector@puzzlesforus.com.




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